My Story.

Coaching is my Passion.

Hey girl hey. I am Liz Cardarella. I am certified Life Coach, recovering people pleaser, and a self love enthusiast. I believe in all things Universe, Law of Attraction, & magic, with the mouth of a sailor. I actively look for the good in humans and have a burning passion to remind women how magical they are. 

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What the Fu*k is Life Coaching?

Life Changing.

If your life sucks right now, it’s because your mindset sucks. The good thing is, you are normal. We aren’t taught how to manage our minds or emotions. But I can teach you. Ready? Let’s go.

mind blowing.

Let’s work on that inner mean girl and give her a hug. She’s only mean because she was programmed to believe that’s how change is made. Let me show you how to grow through love instead.

dream catching.

You’ve got stuff to do & you are here for SUCH a short amount of time. Why are you wasting it on a shit marriage, job, and friendships? You really can have ANYTHING you want in life. 

I spent most of my life talking myself into my fears and out of my dreams. I listened to all of my loved ones share their fears of my growth and decided they must know something that I didn’t. Thankfully my Higher Self knew I was a bad ass, so She allowed me to over eat, over drink, and over spend to the point that I could no longer deny that something wasn’t working. 

I’ve overcome alcoholism, using food to feel better, smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, and being a people pleaser. It required me to get REALLY uncomfortable, decide to care more about my feelings than others & invest in myself. But holy shit was it the most amazing thing I’ve ever done. I find the more I give to myself, the more I have to offer others.

I used to worry that my kids would be negatively impacted by putting myself first. What I’ve learned by firsthand experience is it actually shows them what a great mom I am and also how to own their truths and follow their own dreams. And since I’m allowing myself to grow into the biggest brightest version of myself, I’ve discovered that it’s my passion & purpose to teach other women how to, also.

I offer every woman I meet a free hour of one-on-one coaching. I call it a Discovery Session because it is the beginning of her discovering that she really is magical.

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If you are feeling unfulfilled, lost, confused, and overwhelmed – then you are in the exact place in life where you have two choices. Growth or stagnation. You’ve tried ignoring it – why not try hearing it?

That niggling feeling won’t go away. It only gets louder. 

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