Give Your Growth Time

When you plant a seed, what do you do?

You probably water it, fertilize it, make sure it gets sunlight.

And what about when that first little sprout pops up from the ground?

You marvel at it. You get so excited that YOUR PLANT IS GROWING!

You keep watering and nurturing it with hopeful thoughts that you’ll eventually have an entire tomato plant.

Those first blossoms show up and it’s just the best feeling. You are rooting for this little plant.

Here is what you don’t do.

At the first sight of a sprout you don’t think ‘What the hell?! THIS. IS. IT?! I planted you WEEKS ago! UGH! This isn’t producing results fast enough. Screw it.’ and then rip it out.

So, why do you do that to your own dreams?

Maybe you start by deciding to begin listening to your body more and removing a food group that always leaves you feeling crummy on the inside. (Planting the seed 🌱)

You see a small improvement in yourself (baby sprout) and you immediately think it’s not good enough or fast enough, so you get frustrated and belittle yourself and your efforts and give up (rip the plant out of the ground).

What if you could get passed wanting immediate success and instant gratification and just celebrate yourself through each tiny sprout? What if you could learn to water and fertilize your dreams until you have a huge tomato plant?

You can.

It’s a decision.

I can teach you.

It’s amazing. It’s trans formative. It’s life saving.

Are you going to spend another year not leaning into who you’re supposed to be just because you haven’t figured out how to do it yet? Girl. It’s never to late to start fulfilling your life’s purpose. You are in the exact place in life to just begin.

Click here to set up a call and let’s figure some shit out for you!

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