What If?

What if you just decided that hating yourself was no longer an option? 

Did you know that hating yourself isn’t ‘fact’ or ‘truth’?

It’s just what you’ve chosen up to this point.

And that’s okay – but just know that it’s not a permanent decision.

You get to wake up and decide every single day.

What if you decided to pick a different story?

Even one like ‘I am a human’ instead of ‘I am worthless’.

Your brain can believe that you are a human…and it feels less shitty to think that.

So what if you can’t jump right to ‘I am beautiful and worthy and amazing’.

Most of us can’t.

That’s okay.

Create a minimum baseline of just stop punching yourself in the face with your thoughts.

Start with ‘I am human’.

And if you think about it… being a human is pretty fucking fantastic.

I mean, you could be a chair.

Being a human is so much more fun than being a chair.

What if you just decided that from now on, when you would typically talk down to yourself, you were just going to think ‘I am a human’ instead?

I wonder what would change for you?

Give it a try.

And then, when you are ready to move closer to having that deep knowing of your own badassery – I can help you figure that out, too.

Let’s chat about it.

Schedule your free discovery session by clicking here.

Much love fellow human.

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