You Get to Decide

Do you know that you get to decide what you think and feel? And that you are the only one who can determine those things for yourself?

Even if you’ve been a Christian your whole life – and your entire family and friend base is Christian.

If one day you choose to question that decision, that is your right and privilege as a human.

Most of us don’t believe that we have a choice in most things.

We believe things like ‘This is just how things are’ or ‘This is just the kind of person I am’.

We aren’t told as kids that there really are very few facts in the world and the rest we get to decide.

Most often we are raised to believe certain ideas, and those ideas turn into our adult beliefs.

We don’t typically stop our busy lives to realize that we are saying ‘yes’ to those beliefs.

Even things like ‘Fat is ugly and unhealthy’ or ‘People mostly suck’ or ‘Dreams don’t come true for most people’ or ‘Debt is bad’.

We hear the adults in our lives say these things to us as kids and because we don’t know any better, we just believe them, unwaveringly.

So, we end up hating our bodies because we gain weight, or we numb out with wine or food because we feel this push to do something with our lives, but we can’t figure out what it is or people tell us that it’s unrealistic and we believe them, or we wake up next to our spouse and feel nothing and believe ‘that’s just what happens when you’ve been together a long time’.

But you feel it, don’t you?

That unsettled feeling that sort of feels like it’s not supposed to be like this.

There’s more.

There’s a niggling in you that is trying to get your attention.

That, my dear, is your soul whispering to you.

She is trying to remind you that you have a choice.

YOU get to decide.

Just because millions of people have gone one way in life does not mean that you have to follow.

You have neglected your Soul for so long, haven’t you?

It’s easy to do. People think I am crazy when I tell them my beliefs. How dare I think for myself!

But, the beautiful thing about our Souls, they don’t give up.

She knows why you are here. You decided before you got here what your purpose was.

You know deep down that there IS more. That you don’t have to hate yourself thin  (it’s impossible, actually), or believe that a 9-5 is the only way, or that you stop having really amazing sex after the first year of a relationship, or that you have to drink wine because ‘kids’.

This world has gotten so good at stifling the growth of so many of us. Wanting us to stay small and frustrated for the sake of buying into their products or services to ‘fix’ us.

Companies want you to believe that you have a problem and they know the best solution.

So you spend and spend, probably digging yourself into debt, trying to fill the void or find a solution to all of your problems.

Then you are told that you are terrible with money and are irresponsible – adding to the list of things ‘wrong’ with you that needs fixing…and there’s a book and 5 step program just for you! It’s only 6 easy payments of $19.99. So of course now you need a glass of wine because it’s all too much to think about.

I want to invite you to ask yourself, what if YOU knew exactly what you needed to heal and grow, you just don’t know it yet?

What if you could start opening your mind and heart to the idea that every single solution you need for the evolvement of your Spirit is already within you right now?

You don’t have to stay on this rollercoaster of hating yourself, seeking someone/something to fix you, not fully committing to that thing/person, and then repeating the cycle of hating yourself.

There is nothing wrong with you.

Nothing has gone wrong.

You just haven’t been taught how to explore your mind to find out WHY you are creating these results.

You haven’t been taught tools to effectively CHANGE those beliefs

You haven’t been supported in the knowing that you get to choose your beliefs.

You get to question ALL OF IT. And…whatever you decide is the BEST decision.

Did you know that even if you are super unhealthy because of your weight, drink too much, have $100,000 or more in debt (or any debt really), have lied to your friends, have slacked off at work, done drugs, made porn, or had an abortion, …that nothing has gone wrong and nothing is wrong or bad about you as a human?

Do you know that you are still absolutely worthy, capable, and amazing EXACTLY as you are. You don’t have to make any of those things mean anything about you. Even if everyone else in the world thinks you should.

You. Have. A. Choice.

And here’s the most beautiful part of it all… the reason you are creating the results you are, is because of your mindset. That’s it.

It’s not like you came out of the womb and God was like ‘Welp – this one is going to be a complete shitshow.’

The reason you want so badly to change is because your Soul is ready to grow…and the reason you aren’t is because your Soul cannot grow while you hate Her.

Your Soul doesn’t trust you right now because you’ve been a total bitch to her for so long.

Imagine yourself as a 3 year old. Look at all the results that you’ve created and imagine that a 3 year old created them. Now, imagine you yelling things like ‘You are TERRIBLE! Look what you have done! How could you be so foolish? What is wrong with you? You are so irresponsible and unworthy! I hate you!’

We are all scared 3 year olds.

I want you to relax your shoulders, scalp, and jaw, take a deep breath in for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, then breathe out for 8 seconds.

Close your eyes and say ‘My value and worthiness are not up for discussion any longer. I am 100% valueable and worthy exactly as I am.’

If you decide that you want to change – you also get to decide right now that nothing has gone wrong, that you are amazing as you are, and you can love yourself through this change. (Here’s a secret – love is the only way).

And guess what? If you decide that you aren’t ready to change – you also get to decide right now that nothing has gone wrong, that you are amazing as you are, and you can love yourself without changing.

It is a decision.

Make one.

Say YES to change or say YES to remaining the same.

Either way, have your own back with whichever decision you make.

If you choose to grow – own up to the results you’ve created, and start with cultivating love for yourself. Stop trying to find the ‘how’. Start with love.

Once you nurture your bruised Soul a bit – the how will come to you.

If you choose to remain the same – stop beating the shit out of yourself and half assing changing. Just put down the battle gear, & just be where you are without the hate.

You get to decide.

What are you going to say YES to with love?

I can help you with unpacking all of this. Click here to set up a discovery session.

Your Soul will thank you.





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