The Time Is Now…Your Dreams Are Waiting

Let’s have a little chat about why you aren’t living to your fullest potential right now.

What is holding you back?

You probably tell yourself that it’s because you are too tired. Or maybe it’s because you have kids and well… kids. Or how about because you must work full time to pay your mortgage. You are too old. Too young. Too fat. Too thin. Too loud. Too shy. Too ugly. Not good enough. Ideas suck. You missed the window. We could be here all night.

I am just gonna say it.

I call bullshit.

You aren’t living your biggest most amazing life because you are afraid.

You are afraid of failing.

Of losing money.

Of being bad at it.

Of making other people uncomfortable.

Of what others would say or think.

Of being too big.

Of being seen too much.

Or maybe all of that shit.

Listen to me.

You are normal.

Your brain is programmed and wired (just like everyone else’s) to hold your ass in the big comfy mediocre life you’ve created for yourself. Your brain & your parents & your teachers & your coaches told you from the age of like 3 that the smart thing to do is go to school, get good grades, find a good job that you can pay into a 401K, and work your way up until you’ve earned Mr. So & So’s respect. You get your 2% raise each year and you have a few weeks of paid time off and a health insurance policy. I get it. I did the same thing. I chased the security of someone else paying me a salary to help get them rich.

I muted my big ass personality and inner essence to fit into a 9-5-dress pants-button up-lap top carrying-long hours-red tape-bureaucratic policies-doing things because “it’s-how-we’ve-always-done-them” work flow.

I did the shutting up because other people on the team didn’t wanna show up to work like I did and would get offended. I didn’t have the title to make changes. I didn’t have the degree to add any extra zeros to my paycheck. I just needed to come in and do my job and be happy with what I had.

And I did. And I was.

Honestly, I did amazing.

I went from making $19,000/year in 2006 to $77,000/year in 2018 when I finally left Corporate America.

$58,000 increase in 12 years. Not bad, right?

I made ALL my managers proud. I worked my ass off. I had amazing ideas. I eventually got the balls to say what needed to be said – and it was (mostly) well received because everyone else in the room was thinking the same shit I was – they just didn’t want to say it.

But, something was missing.

I went to work each day knowing that I was not on the right path. I knew the Universe was pulling me in a different direction trying to show me little signs all over the place. I saw them. I heard them. I dreamt about them. I visualized myself on stage talking to thousands of women about loving themselves, self-development, and happiness.

Man. I saw it all so clearly.

And you know what my brain said to me each time? “Who do you think YOU are!?” Imposter syndrome is what people call it. My brain told me “You have no experience. You are a mess. You have debt. You are too fat. You drink too much. You yell at your kid. You have no college degree. You DROPPED out of college! You have one failed marriage. You have no savings. You are too loud. Girl. No. Go sit down at your desk and get back to your work.”

And, so I did.

Until I just couldn’t any longer. It was like that day in Feb of 2013 when I looked my ex husband in the eyes and said “I cannot do this anymore” and left a 7-year relationship, baby on my hip, clothes in my trunk, no money to my name, & the most peaceful feeling. It felt like I was released from prison. My soul sighed with relief.

I just KNEW I could no longer keep living in my shadow work life. I had to just go for it.

For fucks sake! What was the worst that could happen?! I would figure this shit out.

So here I am. Had a baby. Resigned from my cushy job. Started a business with no idea of how to. Borrowed money from my husband. And just went for it. Am I scared? I was. Now? I am just fucking pumped to finally GET TO IT! The scared feeling creeps back in every once in a while, but with help from my Coach – I just let that voice say what she wants to say, then my Higher Self reminds her that we’ve got this. Big things are coming.

I am here to tell you that we are all here for a purpose. Before you reincarnated here, while you were up in the Cosmos contracting to be here, your Soul said ‘Here is your mission while on Planet Earth.’ You picked your parents. You picked your body. You picked your experiences. You picked every single person you have a relationship with. You set all of this up FOR YOU. For your growth. Your Higher Self knew exactly what you as a Human needed to go through in order to learn the lessons it needs in order to grow and evolve to prepare you for your next adventure after this one.

You are Divine. You are made of the same Divineness that you are created from. You are Godlike. You have so much power within you to create and manifest the exact life that you desire. But no one has ever told you this before.

Your parent’s Egos raised you to believe that this Planet is terrifying. Life is hard. Money is hard. People are mostly bad. Don’t talk to strangers. Find something ‘safe’ and cling to it for dear life.

I believe that God has a sense of humor. We have ALL this amazing power to create and manifest anything we want, and we also get this primitive human brain that is scared SHITLESS. It equates a stern email from your boss to a lion trying to eat your face off. It is TERRIFIED all the fucking time! So, when your Soul whispers “Start the business.” Or “Call the guy.” Or “Ask for the raise.” It FREAKS out. It immediately gives you a list of EVERY reason why you most definitely should NOT do any of those things.

Here’s the thing.

She isn’t mean. She’s not TRYING to hold you back. She thinks she is protecting you. She is wired to keep you safe, seek pleasure, and use the least amount of energy as possible.

Doing something new and unfamiliar is totally opposite of all of that.

But here is the other thing; there’s this other part of your brain called the Prefrontal Cortex that is ALL about doing big, bold, challenging things. This part of your brain wants you to evolve and grow and SHE knows that in order to do that, you must shed the shell you have gotten so used to hiding right now.

This means you have to HEAR your scared brain. You have to feel that fear. Let that shit pulse through your body. Get really familiar with what that fear feels like and LET IT BE THERE.

Stop trying to drink it away.

Stop trying to eat it away.

Stop trying to Netflix it away.

Pay attention to it.

It won’t hurt you.

It won’t kill you.

It is a vibration that just wants you to acknowledge that it’s there. Get quiet. Feel it. Let it pass.

And then… fucking GO. Go as hard as you can towards your dreams. Don’t listen to other people tell you that you can’t or that it’s scary or stupid.

This is YOUR life.

Your Higher Self put this dream inside of YOU to realize and bring it forth.

You are going to feel fear. You are going to spend at least half of your life feeling some shitty feelings.

It is FINE. You are human. You are supposed to!

The sooner you start letting yourself feel those feelings and have your own back – the sooner you will bring your dreams into reality.

The worst thing that can happen from any situation is the feeling you are going to feel.

Once you create the relationship with yourself, the knowing that you can feel ANY feeling and still survive… the possibilities are limitless.

You, beautiful girl, are a MIRACLE.

Do you know how many decisions had to be made to get you here at this exact time, with this exact life?

Please, do not spend the next 30 years rinsing and repeating the same bullshit you’ve been doing just because you think it’s going to be too hard to go for it.

You can do hard things.

You are here to shine.

You are here to thrive.

You are here to serve others.

Put the wine down. Put the chips down. Stop the petty gossiping. Stop putting off your dreams. Stop living small.

I teach women how to fall so deeply in love with themselves that they no longer look to others for approval and validation. They no longer have the capability to put off their dreams. I teach them how to get out of their own way. I teach them how to bet ON themselves. I teach them how to create the most amazing life.

I can teach you. Let’s do this together. I believe in you.

Use my light to find yours. What are you waiting for?

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