Is Your Fat Holding You Back From Shining Your Light?

What is your soul calling you to do that you are avoiding because you aren’t skinny ‘enough’?

I believe that we are all on this planet at this exact time for a very specific reason. I believe that our souls picked this time, our bodies, and our parents so that we could have the exact soul experience that we needed to have for our next level of soul growth. We’ve had lifetimes of experiences before, and for whatever reason – your soul, my soul – they felt it fit for us to be here right now with the exact experiences that we’ve had for us to grow into who we are meant to be.

Here’s the thing… most of us forget why we are here and never stop to ask ourselves. We stay asleep and walk around unconscious.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to dream? When was the last time you asked yourself if what you are doing with the majority of your life aligns with your purpose for being here? When was the last time you even asked yourself how much money you want to make or the impact you want to have on the world? (The whole money topic is a blog for another day!)

I am going to guess that you haven’t spent much time thinking about any of that, because sometime after college (or high school for anyone who didn’t go to college) we were told to hurry up, get a job, make money, start paying bills, and stop thinking about what we can do and start believing that what we will do is within about 10% of what we’ve already done.

Here’s another fun layer to that that I have also discovered recently – for those of us who have been fat for most of our lives, we believe that we do not even have the right to dream big because that would require being seen, and no one wants to see a fat girl shining bright; even if no one would ever say that out loud. We begin to build belief systems that we have to not only cover up our bodies, but also our personalities and dreams because we believe that being fat also means we are not worthy of greatness.

We see that the rest of the world doesn’t look like we do – at least not anyone on any stage – figuratively or literally. We see that people are celebrated for their thinness but never their fatness. We see that women are praised when they lose their weight and get in shape, but never when our bodies expand and grow – unless we are pregnant, but even then there is a cap that is considered ‘beautiful’ or acceptable.

So we blend. We mute. We withhold.

We walk into a room of other women and instantly want to find the woman who is bigger than we are so we can feel a little better about ourselves or know who we could possibly be friends with and the thinnest woman so we know who to avoid. We have instant mean girl thoughts even though we hate that about ourselves. We do this unconsciously because the mean girl thought pattern is all we have trained ourselves to think about ourselves. When all you do is talk shit about yourself all day long – those thoughts don’t just shut off and all of a sudden you become a women of abundance and celebration for someone else. When someone genuinely sees the beauty in others, it’s because they first see the beauty in themselves.

How many opportunities have you missed out on because you’ve been so wrapped up in your own head about how to not bring attention to yourself? What about relationships or friendships? Think about all of the people you’ve never gotten to know because you were too afraid to start a conversation because of what you thought they would think of your fatness. Think about all of the money you’ve left on the table because you don’t believe you are worthy enough. Don’t use these answers as another reason to beat the shit out of yourself. I just want you to get honest with yourself. How much of your time is spent holding yourself back because you have a bigger body than someone else? What if it didn’t have to be like that anymore? What if you could show up to your life fully as yourself as big and loud as you wanted to be without ever thinking about how your body should limit what you do?

Your desire to grow and be seen is there. You have tried to smother that part of you for long enough, sis. Your higher self wants to be seen, heard, and loved on. And she needs to be saved by you. No one else can do that work for you. Your spouse can’t tell you that you’re beautiful. Your best friend can’t reassure you of something you don’t believe. You have to cultivate that belief and tend to it like a precious, delicate plant. I will  show you how. Your life depends on it. The growth and expansion of this planet depends on it. There are so many other women in this world who need you to turn on your light so they can find the way to theirs. When you turn your light on, you shine the way for others to do the same. It is time to rise and shine.

My mission on this planet, during this time, is to be a Lightworker. A Lightworker is someone who shines their light so brightly from within so that others see their light and can wake up from the unconscious living they’ve been doing and get connected to their true Divine spirit. I have recently woken up to the fact that I am not here to teach women how to lose weight. I have been through everything that I have, I have felt and thought about myself the way I have, I hit my rock bottom and have cracked open so my light can finally shine through. I rise for you. I rise for her. For all the women who are lost in the dark. Because the light shines through the cracks. I needed to crack open so that MY light can shine through so I can then help others find the way. My body and soul have been calling me home to find true self love for so long. The little girl inside of me has been patiently waiting for me to love her regardless of her human body. And when I lean into that and show up as my biggest brightest self – I light the way for others.

Your weight, waistline, or measurement of your thighs do not determine your worthiness. You have gifts, messages, and lessons to shine into this world. You are perfectly beautiful and whole exactly as you are. You’ve just never given yourself the permission to shine. Even if you have no idea what your purpose is right now – you have one. And the longer you let your weight hold you back from shining your light – the longer you are going to feel that pull of incompleteness. Your soul is ready for you to fall in love with her so she feels safe to shine. The Universe is ready to support you fully into living your biggest brightest self. I am here to help you find your light.


If you are ready to learn how – click here and schedule a free consultation and let’s get to work.


I love me. I love you. I love us. It’s time to rise.

With all my belief and love,


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